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Breast Prosthesis

“For many women who experience a mastectomy, a breast prosthesis is a natural looking and comfortable way to regain body symmetry.”

For many following a mastectomy, a breast form is a natural and comfortable way to regain body shape. Often found to be referred to as breast prosthesis, or forms – both describe the same product.

On the market today, there are a number of different breast forms available of varying qualities. Manufacturers try hard to improve the technology used in their breast forms to make them as real and natural as possible.

Each manufacturer employs full design teams that work with the basic structure of breast prostheses to improve their features. Each design and product is as different as the woman to which they are perfectly made for.

Available today are some of the following breast forms – more available on-site and via catalogue – if you have questions, contact a consultant to ask for more information and the benefits of each.

We have available:

  • ABC Lightweight Series – 30 % lighter than standard
  • ABC Ultralight & Air Series – 40-45% lighter than standard
  • ABC Diamond Series – Provides Air Flow for Coolness
  • ABC Attach Series – Attaches to chest wall
  • ABC Massage Series – Provides Air Flow
  • ABC MyShape Series – Contours to Chest Wall
  • ABC Flowable Series – Snuggles to Chest Wall
  • ABC MyForm Series – Adjustable Thickness for Personalized Fit
  • ABC Super Soft Series – Soft Front & Back Layers
  • ABC Standard Series – Mimics Natural Breast Tissue
  • Amoena Contact – Feels like a part of you
  • Amoena Natura – Natural look and movement
  • Amoena Essential – Balance and Secure Fit
  • Amoena Energy – Innovative features for maximum comfort
  • Amoena Active & Leisure forms
  • Amoena Adapt & Adapt Air – Comfort + reduces heat and perspiration behind the breast form
  • Anita Trifirst – Initial care
  • Anita Authentic – Weight Reduced, Two Layer, Full Breast Forms
  • Anita Light & Soft, Anita Amica Supersoft, Anita Valance Vario, Anita Fashion, Anita Twinflex Asymetric, Anita Light & Cool, Anita Tritex, Anita Light & Active & Anita Active – Weight Reduced Full Breast Forms
  • Leisure & Post-Surgery – Soft , lightweight foam
  • Trulife Partial – Designed to provided a natural symmetry
  • Trulife Recover – With layers of soft silicone
  • Trulife Silk breast forms for natural shape and feel
  • Trulife Impressions – the lightest, softest, most natural and breathable
  • Trulife Bodycool & Bodicool Wave – with TruCool Gel addresses heat and weight
  • Trulife Swim & Active – Ideal for all water activities
  • Trulife Traditional – They drape and move like natural breast tissue

At MNL Mastectomy we offer breast prosthesis from Amoena, Anita, ABC and Trulife.

These high quality, natural feel breast prosthesis define what a breast form should be – soft and natural. A new, innovative skin is silky soft and offers unparalleled softness and suppleness. These forms have a natural drape creating a natural female form. Natural colored pigment produces a colour that blends well with various skin tones.

MNL Mastectomy’s certified fitter can take you through a professional fitting to find your best option and choices for natural breast forms. Browse the accessories and other products available via catalogue and MNL can try their best to get it shipped as soon as is possible.