Let Yourself Blossom.

Dealing with the throws and after effects of breast cancer can be hard.

There is loss of confidence, confusion and emotions run high.

MNL Mastectomy’s compassionate and caring trained staff understand the road you came from and the one you wish to continue on.

With a pressure free consultation – we can show you what we have to offer and the support and caring staff that care about you!

Take Control of Your Life

Mastectomy Bra Forms Consultation

Surviving breast cancer puts a new focus on life to come. Studies tell us that in Canada – 1 in 9 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.

The good news is, with proper treatment the majority of these women will go on to lead full active and happy lives. If breast cancer has touched your life or the life of someone you love, you know the road to recovery holds many challenges. A positive outlook can help weather the storm.

At MNL Mastectomy we recognize that women have unique needs. Our diverse selection of bras, breast forms, sizes and shapes ensures a comfortable and perfect fit. By evaluating a women’s post surgery needs and lifestyle, a Certified Bra Fitter can assist you in choosing the perfect bra form that best enhances your appearance. MNL Mastectomy’s caring and professional staff emphasis is on helping breast cancer survivors feel positive about themselves both physically and emotionally.

Rosa Alvarez owner of MNL Mastectomy and Mille Notte Lingerie is a Certified Prosthesis, Compression Stockings, Medical Orthopedic Footwear & Footcare Fitter and Pneumatic Compression Therapy Fitter, however all fittings must be booked by appointment prior to arrival.

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